Wanda Luttrell

Christian Suspense Author


Favorite books by Christian author, Wanda Luttrell, are now available for e-readers!

In the Shadow of the White Rose is a ghostly tale of suspense about a young woman who strives to retain her mind and her body in a struggle with the determined spirit of a long-dead woman who seeks revenge on those who wronged her over one hundred years ago.

The House of Elnora Garland is the spellbinding story of a ghostly Victorian apparition bent on re-enacting the tragedy that took her life through the destruction of the house’s new owner and her family.

The Dandelion Killer is an exciting fiction offering that blends romance and suspense in a murder story that is sure to please anyone who likes a good, spine-tingling mystery.

These and more of Wanda’s books that have been out of print are now accessible for e-readers at Smashwords.


Check out adult offerings:  The Legacy of Drennan's Crossing, a murder story set in Kentucky during World War I; and Keeping Christmas, two novellas that explore the lives of a couple of widows at the loneliest time of the year.

As well as historical novels for middle grade readers:  The Journey of Hannah, the story of a slave girl set in Kentucky during the Great Revival of 1801, and the Sarah's Journey series, five books that follow the life of their young heroine from Virginia to Kentucky and back again, set in the time of America's War for Independence.

Also, two non-fiction offerings are available in print: Timeless Needs, Eternal Hope, an inspirational treatment of the lives of ten desperate women of the Bible and their modern counterparts; and Let's Explore Kentucky, a Kentucky history for fourth and fifth grades, including a student activity book and a teacher's guide with unique strategies for teaching non-English learners.

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