Wanda Luttrell

Christian Suspense Author

The Dandelion Killer 

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A brutal murder in a small southern town plunges successful entrepreneur Elayna Evans into a storm of danger and uncertainty.  Is an old friend truly looking out for her when he urges that she declare her missing husband legally dead?  Does a new acquaintance know a secret about that missing husband?  Is her lifelong friend, the man with the mind of an eight-year-old, truly capable of murder?  And the most important question of all: What if an assassin’s knife thrusts her into eternity unprepared?

104,000 words    Fiction


In the Shadow of the White Rose

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When Amanda Farris saw the weathered gray house at Deserter’s Creek, she was sure she had found the house of her dreams.  Basically an orphan with no family heritage of her own, she wanted a house as old as time, filled with memories she could adopt.  But the county clerk said the house she had seen had burned to the ground long ago!  What had Amanda seen—a mirage or evidence of an unseen power?  Was the place haunted by the spirit of Lucretia Adams who died tragically there one hundred years ago?  What lay in the shadow of the white rose--a dream house or a house of nightmare?

 63,000 words   Fiction

The House of Elnora Garland

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When the Marsh family moved into the old Garland mansion, Jan Marsh laughed at rumors that the big house's other owners had been killed or driven insane by the ghost of a woman suicide. Then she heard footsteps and moans, and the heady odor of lavender lingered in the halls. Should Jan pack up and run from her terrors or should she challenge the beautiful, but threatening lady in gray?


47,940 words    Fiction

The Legacy of Drennan’s Crossing

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The growing friendship between a young boy and an old man during World War I is disrupted by murder in their small community on the banks of the Kentucky River.  Struggling to come to terms with evil, the boy questions God’s role in the scheme of things, and his own purpose in the world.  Then he discovers something stronger than death, more powerful than hate—the legacy of Drennan’s Crossing.

108,000 words   Historical Fiction

Keeping Christmas

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In “No Holly, No Ivy,” the widowed Loraine, living far from family, decides to leave Christmas to everyone else.  But as needs arise, will she discover true Christmas community in the company of her Jewish neighbor, a Muslim shopkeeper, and a new pastor?  “O Little Town of Progress” finds elderly widow Mary Martha Sims deciding to sell some of the Sims furniture, despite the wishes of her departed husband and mother-in-law.  But will her classified ad entangle her in the life of young Charlie Justice, who definitely needs more than a dining room table?

40,000 words     Two Fiction Novellas 

The Journey of Hannah

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Eleven-year-old Hannah is sold as a slave to a kind Georgia family, but tragedy strikes and Hannah is sold again, this time to cruel tavern owners in Kentucky who beat her often.  Hannah runs away.  On her escape route, she encounters a revival and her former owner, who, because runaway slaves can be put to death, persuades her to return to her owners.  Can they be persuaded to sell her to caring Miss Rachel next door, or must Hannah continue to live a life of misery?  

45,000 words    Middle Grades Historical Fiction 

Home on Stoney Creek

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The cry for freedom is spreading through the colonies calling many people to war, but Sarah’s family seeks freedom in an untamed wilderness called Kentucky.  Kentucky doesn’t feel much like freedom to Sarah, however, with its harsh living conditions and non-stop Indian raids.  She can’t understand why God didn’t answer her prayers to stay in Virginia, and she vows she’ll return some day.  Then she discovers that God has answered her prayers, but not in the way she expected.

47,000 words    Middle Grades Historical Fiction 

Stranger in Williamsburg

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The American Revolution is in full swing, and Sarah Moore finds herself right in the middle of it.  When she returned to Virginia to live with her aunt’s family and learn from their tutor, she certainly had no plans to get involved with a possible spy!  With a war going on, her family back in Kentucky, and people choosing sides all around her, Sarah has begun to wonder if she can trust anyone—even God.

43,000 words    Middle Grades Historical Fiction 

Reunion in Kentucky

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Sarah's best friend in Williamsburg, the freed slave Marcus, long ago lost his wife and son to slave traders.  He believes they are in Kentucky.  Returning to Kentucky to care for her ailing mother, Sarah vows she'll find Marcus's family.  What she doesn't plan on finding are non-stop Indian raids, extremely harsh living conditions, and a new understanding of what it means to be a child of God.

46,000 words    Middle Grades Historical Fiction

Whispers in Williamsburg

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Sarah knows something is going on in Williamsburg besides the war. Her uncle, who is against slavery, just bought three slaves. There are ghostly lights in the empty house on Waller Street. And she keeps hearing the code, "John 3:19," whispered in the streets. She has made a new committment to God, but her old head-strong curiosity leads her into life-threatening danger. Is God still with her?

45,000 words     Middle Grades Historical Fiction 

Shadows on Stoney Creek

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Sarah dreams of opening Stoney Creek's first school. She'd even like girls to attend! But strange things are happening. The fire in the schoolroom is blazing when they arrive. Food and clothing disappear from the settler's homes. There are threats of wildcats, Indians, and blizzards. Still, the determined Sarah vows, with God's help, she won't let whatever is lurking in the shadows steal her dream.

47,000 words     Middle Grades Historical Fiction

Timeless Needs, Eternal Hope

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Bathsheba faces the fallout of a secret affair.  Rebekah struggles with waiting for God’s best.  Hannah parts with her most precious possession. Gomer succumbs to temptation—again!  These and six other biblical women face equally desperate situations in Timeless Needs, Eternal Hope. This book allows the reader a rare in-depth journey into the feminine soul through the stories of ten desperate women of the Bible and their modern-day counterparts, as they face real-life challenges.  From self-esteem to trust to infertility, each narrative explores emotional issues that continue to resonate today.  The needs are timeless.  The answers are eternal.     

55,000 words    Non-fiction 

Let’s Explore Kentucky

Available from ETC Publications, 1456 Rodeo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262; phone 760/316-9695; FAX 760/316-9681; or e-mail: customer_service@etcpublications.com

Textbook ($24.95), Student Activity Book ($12.95), and Teacher’s Guide ($19.95)

or Amazon

Written by Wanda Luttrell, illustrated by Elizabeth Moore, and edited by WA Franklin

This heavily illustrated history has been called the most comprehensive textbook on Kentucky in existence.  It’s all here—geography, climate, wildlife, government, the arts, medicine, education, religion, and other subject areas, especially designed for grades four and five.  The Student Activity Book contains 64 pages of activities, questions, puzzles, and writing assignments.  The Teacher’s Guide provides easy-access answers to the activity book, plus reading resources and useful strategies for teaching three levels of non-English learners.

House At Devil's Bend

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When young widow Emma Richards claims her inheritance, stately old Granville House at the bend of the Kentucky River appears innocent enough, but she soon discovers that Great Aunt Emmaline died with a secret, and now someone must pay the devil his due. More daunting than the historical accounts of people flung to their deaths on the rocks by the raging current at Devil’s Bend are the pre-Civil War characters invading Emma’s dreams, and what does the sad-eyed slave girl known as Lily want from her? Pulled between her widow’s grief and the attentions of charming realtor Braxton Hayes and intriguing antiques dealer Kevin Griffin, Emma also is torn between her fears of whatever is haunting her moldy old mansion and her growing compassion for the house and its history. Who will win the house at Devil’s Bend, and who will win Emma’s heart in the process?

 97,000 words       Fiction

The Season for Miracles

paperback and e-book available at Amazon

 Lydia Steinberg knew her husband, Yaacov, was dead.  She had held shiva for him almost two years ago. So why was his voice speaking to her now from the silence of their empty shop?  She had spent every Christmas season for the past fifty years here on this small-town mall offering unique Old World antiques to the customers of Steinberg’s, but never before had she heard voices when only she and Samson, the cat, were there—Yaacov’s and that other voice.  Was it the voice of the Mayeem Khayeem, the Living Water Yaacov had discovered just before he died?  Then there were the miracles, one nes gadol after the other, some in answer to her needs; some for the needs of others. Never before had she seen a true nes gadol, but then she had not believed in miracles—not until this wonderful miraculous season.

56,500 words        Fiction

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